What reason is urine a bit yellow

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No matter men, women, old and young will have urine yellowing, generally do not need to pay attention to, belongs to the common urine color. But if the long-term urine yellow, and the color is darker, we should pay attention to it, to prevent the symptoms caused by some serious diseases. What's the reason for a little yellow urine? Let me tell you about it.

What reason is urine a bit yellow

First: the common body fire caused by urine yellow, if the color of urine is lighter, and the body has no other abnormalities, morning common urine yellow, then do not worry too much. The general reason for this situation is likely to be caused by fire, as long as after some convenient diet conditioning can alleviate.

Second: urine yellow is likely to be caused by body fire, and the most effective way to solve body fire is to drink more water and eat more fruit. Other aspects of attention to control diet, do not eat greasy, spicy food, eat more light, you can drink more Chrysanthemum tea.

Third: if the urine yellowing caused by urinary system inflammation is not only urine yellowing, but also accompanied by urinary system problems, if urgent urination, urination pain, redness and swelling, dysuria, lower abdominal distension and other problems, it is necessary to consider the urine yellowing caused by urinary system inflammation, and targeted treatment must be carried out.

matters needing attention

In daily life, eat more fruits and vegetables, keep optimistic mood, pay attention not to fatigue, pay attention to the recovery of the body, in addition, if there are any symptoms should go to the hospital for examination, and corresponding treatment, these are to actively do.