How long can neonatal dacryocystitis be good?

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Dacryocystitis is a common disease in newborns. Generally, infants with dacryocystitis can recover on their own if they are not serious. After six months, the lacrimal gland develops well, and it will be OK. But for serious cases, we must treat them in time, otherwise it will cause inflammation in other aspects of the baby's eyes, For children with severe dacryocystitis, we need to take lacrimal passage probing therapy. I'd like to share with you the problems of lacrimal passage probing therapy for dacryocystitis, hoping to help you.

How long can neonatal dacryocystitis be good?

First: the general use of lacrimal duct days probing method in the treatment of dacryocystitis is because the dacryocystitis is more serious. Usually when doing this probing, we must first clean the lacrimal passage, do anti-inflammatory, and then use a relatively thin needle to enter from the lacrimal duct. Is lacrimal duct unobstructed, the thing that blocks lacrimal duct passes out, so lacrimal sac way is smooth.

Second: if the baby's own dacryocystitis is only in the early stage, it is recommended that adults give the baby some lacrimal passage unblocking massage, and cooperate with eye drops. In this way, it is safe and appropriate. Generally, press the baby's inner corner of the eye with little finger pulp, three times a day, 50 times a time. It can be dredged after a few days.

Third: when lacrimal passage probing is done, there will be a little pain, but it won't be very painful and there won't be any danger. You can rest assured to do the treatment, but the lacrimal passage probing requires the baby's own conditions. It is generally recommended that the baby who weighs 20 jin in about five months should do it.

matters needing attention

The above is the lacrimal passage probing for dacryocystitis, which I will introduce to you. Whether to use this method should wait for the doctor's detailed examination and treatment before making a decision. Parents need not worry. This one is relatively safe and secure.