Symptoms of proteinuria

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My brother has a proteinuria disease, especially in daily life, urine urine foam urine phenomenon often occurs, sometimes there is edema, and the family's recommendations to the hospital for treatment, and now basically recovered the body's health, I will tell you some symptoms of urine protein.

Symptoms of proteinuria

In our daily life, we should understand some of the characteristics of urinary protein. Foam urine is the most obvious early symptom of urinary protein. Proteinuria usually produces foam urine. And the characteristic of this kind of foam urine is often a small foam floating on the surface of the urine, which will not disappear for a long time.

Systemic symptoms, renal proteinuria can be accompanied by systemic symptoms, edema, hypertension, hematuria and tubular urine and other manifestations of one or more. Patients feel weak, sleepy, etc., during the patient resistance is poor, susceptible to exogenous. Among them, edema and hypertension are the most obvious.

Every day, many protein components are excreted from the body with the urination. As long as the protein content in the urine is more than one gram every day, the life progress is basically very serious, and gradually the body will be swollen.

matters needing attention

For patients with proteinuria, they should correct their bad habits in daily life, avoid spicy food and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Generally, a small amount of albuminuria will not have any symptoms on the body, but if it is a long-term large amount of albuminuria, the earliest symptom is edema, which starts from the face, and then spreads all over the body, and the edema is concave edema, and affects the digestion and absorption function.