How long does thin face needle effect maintain

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"Thin face needle" is often used in new media. In fact, it refers to botulinum toxin injection. It is the same drug as botulinum toxin used for wrinkle removal. The difference lies in the different muscles injected. Rhytidectomy injection is facial expression muscle, thin face injection is hypertrophic bite muscle. For thin face needle effect how long? Do you know anything about this? So let's talk about how long the effect of face thinning needle lasts.

How long does thin face needle effect maintain

First of all: the principle of injection of thin face needle is to block the nerve impulse of nerve and muscle, let the over contracted muscle relax, paralyze the over developed muscle, so as to achieve the effect of thin face. The effect of thin face needle injection appears slowly, about two weeks to a month after injection. In order to make the effect of injection face thinning needle better, there are also many places to pay attention to after the operation.

Secondly: the effect of injection face lifting needle surgery is more obvious, injection face lifting needle after a week can see the effect, three months later, to achieve better face lifting effect. The masseter muscle will shrink by 30%, and the effect can be maintained for half a year at a time.

Finally: in order to be effective for a long time, three injections are usually given at a fixed time, and then kept for a year. For the recovery after face thinning injection, it depends on personal situation.

matters needing attention

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