Female friends are alert to your "changes in the harem"? Symptomatic treatment

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This holy place of uterus is a good place for uterine fibroids. They can grow alone or at the same time. The manifestations were vaginal bleeding, leucorrhea and lower abdominal distention. In some women's "Palace", from time to time will throw out "color ball", women's face skin will become tender and smooth, ruddy luster, already withered breasts also become plump up. Female friends are alert to your "changes in the harem"? Now let me tell you something.

Female friends are alert to your "changes in the harem"? Symptomatic treatment

First: hysteromyoma is the most common solid benign tumor in female reproductive organs. The incidence of infertility in patients with hysteromyoma is high, among which the incidence of infertility in submucous myoma is the highest. When it happens, we should go to the hospital in time, accept a series of professional examinations, determine a good plan, symptomatic treatment, and maintain a good attitude at the same time.

Second: hysterectomy is suitable for older patients with obvious symptoms and no requirement for continued fertility. After myomectomy, the symptoms will be eliminated, but hysterectomy means the loss of female fertility, and one third of the patients may have various symptoms after surgery, which will also have a certain impact on the sexual life of couples.

Third: for myoma and submucous myoma, minimally invasive treatment is the first choice, which can preserve the structure and function of the uterus, do not damage the normal tissue around the myoma, do not affect the life of husband and wife, and ensure the reproductive rights of women who have not given birth. It can also preserve the female uterus, and do not affect women's future pregnancy.

matters needing attention

Big female friends must pay attention to gynecological examination, usually pay more attention to their own body, develop the habit of regular physical examination. At the same time, once suffering from gynecological diseases, do not lose heart, maintain a good attitude, choose regular medical units, trusted doctors active treatment.