How much is the price of treating early epilepsy

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Last night, I suddenly froth in my mouth, my hands and feet twitched, and my face turned blue. I scared my wife to death. Sent to the hospital, the doctor said it was sudden epilepsy, and then has been taking medicine to control, until May this year relapsed again, but this time the relapse soon passed, to the hospital soon after nothing, the body became healthy, do you want to know the price of treatment of early epilepsy? Let me discuss with you the price of treating early epilepsy.

How much is the price of treating early epilepsy

Price factor 1: in fact, the key to the price of epilepsy treatment lies in the condition of patients with epilepsy and the treatment method they choose. If the condition is mild and the treatment method is right, the cost of epilepsy treatment is very small.

Price factor 2: most epilepsy patients are very concerned about how much money is needed to cure epilepsy in the process of treatment, because the treatment of epilepsy is a long-term process, so many epilepsy patients are afraid that they can not afford to give up treatment. Expert advice: patients should not worry about the cost, but should actively introduce the treatment, cure epilepsy is the key.

Price factor 3: no matter what disease, you need to do some tests before you get sick. And the examination that epilepsy does before treatment includes: electroencephalogram examination, CT and MRI imaging examination, blood examination and so on, generally speaking, the cost of each examination is about several hundred yuan.

matters needing attention

We should develop good living habits and pay attention to personal safety outside. Pay attention to personal and traffic safety, prevent traumatic epilepsy caused by craniocerebral trauma, the incidence of post-traumatic epilepsy is 0.5% - 50%, the longer the coma time, the more serious the brain injury, the higher the incidence. Such as acute intracranial hematoma compression, intracranial hypertension caused by edema after brain parenchymal injury, can lead to seizures, brain injury after craniocerebral surgery, brain atrophy after brain contusion and laceration lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, brain cell dysfunction, epilepsy.