It's easy to fall asleep and wake up early?

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Many people fall asleep early in the evening, but they wake up early in the morning and it is difficult to fall asleep again. The more they want to sleep in bed, the more they can't sleep. This is the symptom of early awakening insomnia. This situation will have a great impact on people's work and life. It will not only make them unable to concentrate on doing things, And no dizziness will delay their work efficiency, so wake up early insomnia should be treated, or pay more attention in peacetime, so how to treat it? Let me explain to you.

It's easy to fall asleep and wake up early?

Patients with early wake-up insomnia should improve their sleep habits, do not feel that they can not sleep very anxious or restless, this will make their mood more irritable, will also make their sleep worse, if conditions permit, you can drink a glass of milk before going to bed, is also conducive to sleep.

Patients should do more exercise to keep healthy. Before going to bed, they can do some exercise, such as running, so that their body can get the maximum relaxation. It is very helpful for friends with insomnia. If they feel that running is not suitable, they can also go for a walk, fast walk and so on, which is also very helpful.

Patients with insomnia in life should be more regular, or in the work and rest time should try to adjust to a regular time, sleep at night can not exceed 12 o'clock. Adjust the diet structure, to light diet, easy to get angry food do not eat. This is also very important for the treatment of insomnia.

matters needing attention

Friends suffering from insomnia should ensure their regular life, pay attention to their work and rest or diet, do more exercise before going to bed, or suggest that they can bubble their feet to relax their body and wish them good health.