Effective treatment of scrotal eczema

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After playing for a few days, I came back with a lot of rashes, especially itching, and the longer they were, the more they became. I went to the hospital and said it was scrotal eczema. I had been treated with medicine, and now it's much better. Here I'll share my experience in the effective treatment of scrotal eczema with you.

Effective treatment of scrotal eczema

Treatment 1: external therapy, the principle is the same as the treatment of contact dermatitis. Appropriate dosage forms and drugs should be selected according to the skin lesions. For small area subacute scrotal eczema, glucocorticoid cream combined with tar preparation has better effect. Local immunomodulatory drugs such as 0.03%, 0.1% tacrolimus ointment or 1% pimecrolimus ointment have good curative effect and can reduce the adverse reactions caused by long-term use of glucocorticoids.

Treatment 2: Traditional Chinese medicine treatment, acute scrotal eczema mainly to heat and dampness, prescription should be Longdan Xiegan decoction or Shenshi decoction combined with Ermiao powder. If there is suppurative infection, optional add Viola, dandelion, honeysuckle, forsythia, etc. Subacute scrotal eczema is mainly composed of invigorating spleen and removing dampness, supplemented by clearing away heat. Chronic scrotal eczema should be given priority to nourishing blood and dispelling wind, supplemented by clearing heat and removing dampness.

Treatment 3: diet treatment: red dates and lentils porridge. Method: 10 jujubes, 30 grams of lentils, boiled with water, add brown sugar, take. To reduce the weight of infants; mung bean coix seed soup. Method: mung bean, coix seed each 30 grams, after boiling, add sugar seasoning, eat several times a day, even take 5-7 days.

matters needing attention

Warm reminder: the diet of patients with chronic eczema should be light and nutritious, and avoid seafood and spicy food, such as wine, tobacco, mutton, fish, shrimp and other food. Patients with chronic eczema should keep their stool unobstructed and get enough sleep.