What are the functions of borax?

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In daily life, I don't know if you've ever used borax. In my life, I seldom use it, but there are still some drug effects, so today, let's talk about the role of Borax in people's daily life. In fact, people who know a little bit of medical knowledge or common sense of life should know what borax is. If it is widely used, it may lead to some diseases. Today I'm going to tell you about borax. What are its functions in people's life!

What are the functions of borax?

First, let's look at borax. Borax is a very important mineral and compound containing boron. It's a kind of colorless crystal, white powder, easy to hold in water. Moreover, borax has a very wide range of uses. It can be used as detergent, cosmetics, pesticide ingredients.

But as we all know, borax is toxic. At present, it is forbidden to use food additives in countries all over the world. If the human body ingests too much borax, it may lead to kidney poisoning, which will lead to body abnormalities and affect people's normal work and life. It is very dangerous.

Borax can be used in industry to disinfect and clean some dirt. This material can also be used in glass and enamel industry, can enhance the transparency of glass. With some cosmetics, can enhance the efficacy of cosmetics, enhance the whitening effect, but on the human body, also has a very big harmful effect.

matters needing attention

So in daily life, the use of borax this material, we should pay attention to the right amount. It can't be used in a large amount on people's bodies. Usually, when shopping, pay attention to the difference, try to use less borax things.