Abdominal distension after esophageal cancer surgery

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I can't wake up, I have a poor appetite, I have pain all over my body, I can't sleep well, I have a hot throat, I can't eat because I can't swallow. During the treatment, I learned that there are many ways. Today, let me share with you.

Abdominal distension after esophageal cancer surgery

First: when metastasis occurs in the middle and late stage, the treatment methods should be different from those in the early stage. If the spread of the middle and late stage cancer is serious, emergency measures should be taken when necessary to ensure that the cancer cells do not continue to spread. If it is serious, it will endanger life. In addition, the middle and late stage patients should pay more attention to their daily life, not the same as before. They should improve and pay more attention to their own health Physical condition. Communicate with doctors in time for treatment.

Second, the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine can be used for treatment. Western medicine radiotherapy and chemotherapy can quickly act on the local or systemic, and the short-term treatment effect is better. However, the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy are also great. They kill not only tumor cells, but also normal tissue cells. These cells and tissues are the important immune defense system of human body, destroying the immune system of human body, Cancer cells may develop rapidly, leading to aggravation of the disease.

Third: everyone's condition is different, there are different treatment programs, the drugs used in the treatment program are also different, so the cost is also different. If the physical condition is good, take surgical treatment, but the surgical trauma is larger, and postoperative complications are easy to occur, so the choice of surgical treatment should be careful, for patients with weak body or to the late stage, hand The method of surgery is not suitable.

matters needing attention

So in any case, we should first actively accept treatment to prevent the recurrence or deterioration of the disease. In daily life, we should also pay attention to adjusting the lifestyle, diet and work and rest rules. In addition, patients should not give themselves too much psychological pressure to avoid overwork.