What are the treatment methods of rheumatism

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Rheumatism is an autoimmune system disease, there will be joint pain and swelling, my grandmother has rheumatism, the following and introduce the treatment of rheumatism.

What are the treatment methods of rheumatism

Method 1, analgesic western medicine treatment, this is also a method that is often used, but it can only play the effect of pain relief when the attack, can not achieve the purpose of treatment, and long-term use will have side effects, so we need to be careful when using drugs.

Method 2: physical therapy. Physical therapy includes electrotherapy, infrared radiation, hyperthermia and other methods. Friends who have done physical therapy all know that there is no way to cure rheumatism at all. They can only paralyze nerves and relieve pain symptoms.

Methods 3. Massage and acupuncture therapy: the purpose is basically the same as physical therapy. It is mainly to relieve the clinical symptoms of patients, rather than radical treatment, but it is also a method usually used, according to the condition.

matters needing attention

Rheumatism is a chronic disease, but also a disease that we should pay attention to conditioning at ordinary times. We should not only pay attention to the method of treatment, but also pay attention to the conditioning of diet. We should also pay attention to the warmth of the diseased parts at ordinary times.