Which place is good to treat rhinitis

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Chronic rhinitis is one of the diseases of rhinitis. The main cause of chronic rhinitis is the deterioration of acute rhinitis which is not cured in time. So the following specific introduction to the treatment of rhinitis which place good this problem, hope to help some people.

Which place is good to treat rhinitis

Treatment 1: nasal drip or nasal spray is mainly used in the local application of antihistamines, allergic mediators, corticosteroids, decongestants and other drugs in the nose. It is welcomed by patients because of its rapid and accurate curative effect and simple and convenient use. However, there are many adverse reactions and side effects, which should be adjusted in time.

Treatment 2: desensitization therapy is a kind of immunotherapy, it takes several months to have obvious therapeutic effect, but it can not change the patient's allergic constitution. After treatment, it is repeated due to a large number of contact with allergens or physical decline.

Treatment 3: physical therapy, microwave, laser or radiofrequency therapy, the advantage is the exact effect, less side effects, but there are signs of recurrence, need to repeat treatment. Surgical treatment of nasal septum with excessive deviation, bone spine of nasal septum touching nasal mucosa, hypertrophic turbinate and nasal polyp obstructing nasal breathing, and surgical resection of sphenopalatine nerve, pterygoid nerve, anterior and posterior ethmoidal nerve, etc.

matters needing attention

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