What tonic does diabetic eat

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Diabetes patients take medicine for a long time to produce side effects on the body, plus the need for diet control, many patients are relatively weak. At this time, diabetics want to buy some health care products to supplement their body needs. But I don't know how to choose to treat diabetes. So, what health care products can diabetics eat? Let's have a look.

What tonic does diabetic eat

One is dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is an active polysaccharide component, which can help diabetic patients reduce blood sugar and lipid. Such as pumpkin tea, rich fiber biscuits, etc;

One is containing trace elements, such as chromium, zinc, calcium and vanadium, which play a great role in the control of diabetes. Chromium, as an indispensable element in the normal work of insulin, participates in the glucose and lipid metabolism of human body and maintains the normal blood glucose level. Zinc can increase the activity of islet, while calcium can reduce blood glucose and blood lipid, and has a certain effect on hypertension Curative effect. At the same time, vitamin can be supplemented properly. This kind of health food has an adjuvant effect on diabetes, such as milk powder fortified with chromium, seaweed, etc;

There is also a sugar free food, sugar free health food can not regulate blood sugar, but can improve the taste of patients with hyperglycemia, let them taste sweet taste, improve the quality of life. It should be noted that sugar free health care products only do not contain sucrose, but other sweeteners such as saccharin can still provide a little heat. If you eat too much, it will also affect blood sugar. Such as sugar free crisp sugar, drinks, etc.

matters needing attention

Health care products for diabetes only have these basic functions. If some health care products exaggerate and publicize that they have multiple curative effects or can "cure", "cure" and "completely replace drugs and insulin", they should not be credulous.