How does room breast ache return a responsibility?

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With the acceleration of the pace of life and the increase of pressure, many female sex friends have experienced or are experiencing breast pain, full of worries and doubts, so we must do a good job in the related work of this disease, so what's the matter with breast pain?.

How does room breast ache return a responsibility?

First: puberty breast pain: Women's earliest breast pain generally occurs at the age of 9 to 13, which is a sign that girls' breasts begin to develop. First, the nipple begins to swell, with a slight feeling of pain. After the first menstruation, with the development of breast puberty will gradually disappear.

Second: premenstrual breast pain: many women in menstruation before breast fullness, hair hard, heavy breast near clothing is pain, the original granular or nodular feeling more significant. This is caused by the increase of estrogen level in the body before menstruation, hyperplasia of mammary gland and edema of mammary gland tissue. After menstruation, the above changes disappeared.

Third: breast swelling and pain during pregnancy: some women in about 40 days after pregnancy, due to the placenta, villi secrete a large amount of estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, so that breast hyperplasia, breast enlargement, and produce breast swelling and pain, severe persistent pain throughout pregnancy, no treatment.

matters needing attention

1. Treatment of mastalgia: some of us often over treat and over use drugs, and go to the hospital all the year round. In fact, it's just a simple physiological hyperplasia, which can be completely relieved or self-healing by changing our living habits and eating habits. And another group of people, pain and happy, fearless, ignored the annual check-up of women of childbearing age, finally, caused irreparable pain. 2. Lactation mastitis pain management: lactation mastitis is generally acute onset, rapid development, severe pain, high fever, chills, breast lumps. On the one hand, we start from the cause of disease, timely discharge of milk deposition. On the other hand, we should start with bacterial infection and give anti-inflammatory treatment. Apply ice locally, or seek medical help.