How did darling eczema scab do

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After the baby got eczema, there will be scab. After such a situation, we parents are very anxious. Let's share my experience of taking care of the baby with you, mainly how to do when the baby gets eczema scab.

How did darling eczema scab do

1. Keep your skin clean and dry. When bathing the baby, it is advisable to clean the baby's body with warm water and non alkaline bath agent. Wash your baby's skin every day and use a non oily moisturizer after washing.

2. Avoid external stimulation. Parents should always pay attention to the changes of hot and cold temperature and humidity around the baby. Babies suffering from contact dermatitis should especially avoid skin exposure to cold wind or strong sunlight. Pay attention to the change of the weather, after the baby is sweating, dry it with a cotton towel.

3. Stop talking. In addition to atopic dermatitis, other eczema do not need to quit. Let the baby eat less animal protein, such as milk, eggs, must be under the supervision of a doctor or nutritionist. In the absence of obvious evidence, it is best not to eat a certain kind of food. Do not advocate in order to avoid allergy, so that the baby can not get the proper nutrition.

matters needing attention

After the baby got eczema scab, parents should not give the baby random smears, and they must use the medicine under the guidance of the doctor when using the medicine.