Is advanced stage of liver cancer still saved

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In this month's time, I always feel a little pain in my upper abdomen. What I fear most is that I will get liver cancer. Now the patient's condition has been controlled to a certain extent. Is there any help for the advanced stage of liver cancer? Let me tell you.

Is advanced stage of liver cancer still saved

Treatment 1: Advanced chemotherapy for liver cancer: at present, the clinical evaluation of the effect of chemotherapy for advanced liver cancer is not very high, mainly because patients with advanced liver cancer are often accompanied with liver function damage in varying degrees in addition to cirrhosis, and the toxic and side effects of chemotherapy can further damage liver function, and further aggravate the patient's condition.

Treatment 2: surgical treatment: if the metastasis site is single, the tumor is small, and the patient's constitution can withstand surgical treatment, surgical resection can be considered. However, in general, surgical resection is not recommended for the treatment of advanced liver cancer. Due to the weakness of the body, or the spread and metastasis of the disease, it is not suitable for surgical treatment.

Treatment 3: Traditional Chinese medicine treatment: at present, more clinical use of traditional Chinese medicine or integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine in the treatment of advanced liver cancer, can achieve good therapeutic effect. According to many years of medical research in our country, traditional Chinese medicine treatment based on syndrome differentiation, can make up for the lack of Western medicine, reduce its toxic and side effects, and can improve the patient's own immunity, inhibit cancer cells, is a good choice. TCM treatment of advanced liver cancer through dialectical treatment, rational drug use can quickly improve liver pain, fever, ascites and other symptoms of liver cancer patients, effectively control the growth and spread of cancer.

matters needing attention

Patients with liver cancer after surgery or chemotherapy, due to the injury of surgery and serious side effects of chemotherapy, will affect the normal digestion and absorption of the digestive tract, resulting in anorexia, nausea and other symptoms, and even unable to eat. At this time, we must encourage patients to eat.