How to treat penile pearl rash?

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The main attack site of penile pearl eruption is male, which should pass through the coronal sulcus. After the disease, there may be a small reddish rash around the coronal sulcus. Young people and middle-aged people are the high incidence of the disease. About 10% of the people aged 20 to 40 have suffered from the disease. Long term masturbation habit of male penile pearl papule is more likely to occur. In the early stage of the disease, the disease is not accompanied by self-conscious symptoms, and is occasionally found when the patient takes a bath or has sex. How does penile pearl rash treat tell everybody now.

How to treat penile pearl rash?

First: male penile pearl papules to benign disease, after a few weeks can subside, so men need not worry about this. Some patients do not subside after decades of onset, but also do not spread or malignant transformation, almost no impact on the body.

Second: Although the majority of penile pearl papules have no effect on the body, if they have begun to spread, they should be actively treated. At present, laser resection or cryotherapy is the best way to treat the disease. After the operation can not do too much traction on the affected area, sexual life should be prohibited.

Third: the recurrence rate of male penile pearl papule is very low after treatment, as long as attention is paid to postoperative care, it can completely recover. Long prepuce and HPV infection are the important causes of Pearl papules, so men with long prepuce should be circumcised in time, and genital hygiene should be paid attention to to avoid infection.

matters needing attention

It has been found that the incidence rate of male penis pimples is 39%, and Pearl papules are the only symptoms of this disease. After the disease will not cause itching pain, will not seep fluid or pus.