How is vasospasm treated

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Cerebral insufficiency refers to the lack of blood supply in a certain area of human brain, resulting in brain dysfunction. The main symptoms are dizziness, numbness of limbs, and transient amnesia in severe cases. And cerebral vasospasm refers to the carotid artery or vertebral basilar artery system atherosclerosis plaque makes the vascular cavity become narrower and internal blood flow eddy current. When the eddy current accelerates, let me tell you how to treat vasospasm.

How is vasospasm treated

First: antiplatelet drugs or anticoagulant drugs. The first choice of antiplatelet drugs is aspirin, because antiplatelet drugs are more effective in preventing platelets from clotting in the blood, and are also good for human blood circulation. Combined with some aspects, they can effectively ensure adequate blood supply to the brain. Antiplatelet drugs have the same effect as antiplatelet drugs. They can make blood unblocked, ensure sufficient blood supply to the brain, and prevent the occurrence of cerebral ischemia.

Second, surgical treatment. Surgical treatment can only be carried out after no heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases that can not be stimulated, and after checking their own blood type and confirming that the blood bank of the hospital is sufficient. The so-called surgical treatment is to expand the neck artery. It mainly depends on stent implantation or carotid endarterectomy. The surgical effect is good, but the treatment is only effective for patients with carotid artery stenosis.

Finally: diet health care. Eat more calcium rich foods, such as milk. Celery and sweet potato are rich in cellulose. Basic nutrients are also indispensable. Vitamins should be supplemented by eating vegetables, fruits or other vitamin drugs. Protein is essential to the immune system of the human body, mainly supplemented by beans, eggs, animal viscera or other protein drugs. In short, in the face of disease, we should pay more attention to the supply of our own nutrition, and ensure that we have enough physical strength to resist. This is the most basic prescription for treating disease.

matters needing attention

1. After excluding their own disease factors, such as no hypertension and other diseases, and then give up drinking and smoking, so as to cooperate with the treatment. 2. In the case of high protein content in animal viscera, the content of cholesterol should not be underestimated. So the intake should be appropriate to prevent cholesterol disease. 3. In the case of nutrition supplement and drug treatment, they should also take physical exercise to ensure that they have enough physical strength to fight against the disease. The body is the capital, only in good health can we do other things. So it's essential to exercise a little every day.