What symptom does 13 years old anaemia have

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The severity of anemia depends on the degree of anemia, the rate of anemia, the change of circulating blood volume, the age of patients and the compensatory ability of cardiovascular system. Anemia occurs slowly, the body can gradually adapt, even if the anemia is serious, it can maintain physiological function; on the contrary, if anemia occurs in a short time, even if the degree of anemia is not serious, it can also appear obvious symptoms. The symptoms were more obvious in the elderly and the weak or the heart and lung function decreased. What symptom does 13-year-old anaemia have to tell everybody.

What symptom does 13 years old anaemia have

First: weakness: fatigue, drowsiness, is due to muscle hypoxia. It is the most common and earliest symptom.

Second: pale skin and mucous membrane: the distribution of skin, mucous membrane, conjunctiva and skin capillaries and the influence of relaxation and contraction state and other factors. It is generally believed that the color of conjunctival membrane, thenar and nail bed is reliable.

Third: cardiovascular system: palpitation is one of the most prominent symptoms, with tachycardia. Soft systolic murmur can be heard in apex or pulmonary valve area, which is called anaemic murmur. Diastolic murmur can be heard in severe anemia. Severe anemia or original coronary heart disease can cause angina pectoris, heart enlargement and heart failure.

matters needing attention

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