Types of endometriosis

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Because of my discomfort, I went to the hospital for examination. After a complete set of gynecological examination, the doctor diagnosed my condition and diagnosed it as endometriosis microminiaturization, which belongs to the first stage. The doctor said that my condition is not particularly serious, but should be treated as soon as possible. Although it's small, I still feel uncomfortable, especially when I have menstruation. I have obvious symptoms of dysmenorrhea. At the same time, I feel that my abdomen is falling. I feel very uncomfortable, and I feel very irritable and impatient. Endometriosis is divided into several types?

Types of endometriosis

First, endometriosis has the characteristics of diffusion and metastasis, so the whole process of the disease includes several stages, and the severity of the disease will vary. In order to facilitate treatment, so as early as many years ago, some relevant experts on the staging of endometriosis, generally divided into four periods, that is, four types.

Second: this classification is mainly based on the location, scope, size, side and adhesion degree of endometrial cell metastasis when the patient is in the physical examination. The doctor will score these conditions respectively, and the score obtained by adding these scores will be classified according to this score. When the score is between one and five, it belongs to microminiaturization, which is the first stage of endometriosis.

Third: when the score is between 6 and 15, it is light, which is the second stage of endometriosis. When the score is between 16 and 40, it belongs to the third stage of endometriosis, that is, medium-sized. When the score is above 40, it belongs to the fourth stage of severe endometriosis. The above is about the classification of endometriosis, or staging.

matters needing attention

Patients can rest assured that this disease is benign and can be cured. Generally, this disease can be cured by drug treatment or surgical treatment. The treatment depends on the patient's condition and the severity of the disease.