Symptoms of malignant breast lipoma

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At present, the incidence rate of breast lipoma is increasing. This disease is common in our country, and the medical level is also getting better and better. It can be treated and cured. Breast lipoma occurs at any age. The most common middle-aged and elderly people do not develop more frequently. They are subcutaneous and have diseases of mammary gland hyperplasia. The texture is very soft, the boundary is very clear, most of them are round and oval. At this time to go to the hospital for treatment, check whether it is malignant and benign, their treatment is different, malignant need chemotherapy. The symptom of malign breast lipoma? Let's talk about it

Symptoms of malignant breast lipoma

1. Local skin depression: like dimple, it is called "dimple sign". In addition, direct adhesion of the tumor to the skin may also cause this situation. Dimple sign can appear early in breast cancer, especially when the affected arm moves up and down.

2. Skin ulceration: when the tumor develops to the late stage, the mass grows up, which can make the skin swell. If the blood supply is insufficient, with the skin reddening and thinning, the skin ulceration can occur. Patients often have pain, and sometimes the pain is unbearable. Because the wound has a lot of necrotic tissue and bloody exudates, patients often appear emaciation, anemia signs. Most of the patients with breast cancer lack pain symptoms. Because of less pain, breast cancer is not easy to be detected early. Pain is often manifested as breast tingling, distending pain or dull pain, such as peri cancerous cystic hyperplasia of breast can also appear periodic pain.

3. Breast skin changes: the breast tissue is surrounded by the superficial fascia in the subcutaneous, and the deep and superficial fascia is connected by the Cooper ligament. Because the superficial fascia is connected with the skin, when the breast cancer invades the Cooper ligament between the breast, it will shorten and stretch the skin.

matters needing attention

Lipoma of the breast is a benign tumor. Small lipoma does not cause any discomfort and will not grow up. It is recommended not to go to surgery. Some multiple lipoma do not recommend surgery, and the lipoma will relapse. If the growth of lipoma is too fast, it is recommended to go to surgery.