How does cold period face send hot to return a responsibility?

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Recently, the weather is relatively cool. It's easy for cold to invade the body and catch a cold. Many friends are entangled by cough because they don't get treatment in time. In fact, there are a lot of diet in daily life can treat a cold, the following I put the cold during the face hot how to return a responsibility? Let me tell you this.

How does cold period face send hot to return a responsibility?

First: face burning during a cold is a cold fever caused by upper respiratory tract infection caused by influenza virus infection. One of the reasons for face burning during a cold may be cold caused by excessive cold. At this time, the body needs heat to resist the cold, you can drink brown sugar ginger soup to increase body heat. Of course, we also need to drink more water and replenish the body's water in time.

Second: conditioning method is to take cold medicine, eat slightly spicy food, such as: pepper, garlic, ginger, etc., but also to carry out appropriate sports, sweating.

Third: if there is yellow phlegm, it is proved that damp cold turns to damp heat. We need to change the treatment methods, mainly to calm lung heat and remove dampness. Because this change is mainly in the lungs, we still need to pay attention to proper sports, and at the same time, we need to drink more water to expel damp heat.

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