How is just pregnant dysmenorrhea to return a responsibility?

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Pregnant women's physiological reaction and some eating habits and lifestyle, then the patient's diet should be reasonable. Don't drink and eat too much. Pregnant women and their families can't be careless. They don't think it's harmful to have these behaviors, which will eventually lead to tragedy. Let's share what happened to dysmenorrhea during pregnancy? Let's go.

How is just pregnant dysmenorrhea to return a responsibility?

First: ectopic pregnancy. After the sperm and egg meet, they need to find a suitable location for implantation in order to give birth to a healthy baby, and this suitable location is in the womb, but the naughty sperm and egg may meet outside the womb. When they are unable to enter the womb, they will land outside the womb, maybe in the fallopian tube or some other part, if so, With the gradual development of the embryo, the organs in the body can not meet the survival of the baby, will protest, the expectant mother will show a stomachache. This time must go to the hospital to determine whether ectopic pregnancy, once diagnosed ectopic pregnancy must be surgery.

Second: threatened abortion, habitual abortion. Some young women do not protect themselves before marriage, always pregnancy, abortion and other things, so the inner wall of the uterus will be scraped thin because of induced abortion, can not bear the weight of the embryo, there will be threatened abortion or habitual abortion. If it is caused by abortion stomachache, but also accompanied by vaginal bleeding, threatened abortion if found in time, normal fetal heart rate, can do fetal treatment, can rest in bed, play progesterone and other fetal medicine.

Third: stop menstruation: This is the most common sign of pregnancy noticed by ordinary people. As long as a woman of childbearing age has normal menstruation and exceeds her normal menstruation for two weeks after having sex, she may be pregnant. But it's not that menstruation doesn't come or pregnancy. There are many reasons why menstruation doesn't come. Maybe it's because of poor ovarian function, maybe it's because of abnormal hormone secretion, busy work, tense exams and so on, which can cause the phenomenon of delayed menstruation. So it's best to go through the doctor's diagnosis, which is the safest.

matters needing attention

In the third month of pregnancy, because the bladder is oppressed by the expanding uterus, the capacity of the bladder becomes smaller, and frequent urination often occurs.