How many days does baby false menstruation average?

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About a week after the birth of a baby girl, parents may find that the baby's vagina may flow out a small amount of blood like mucus secretions, thinking that they have some incurable disease. Parents often feel panic, but in fact, there is no need to panic. This is the neonatal false menstruation, which is due to the late pregnancy mother estrogen into the fetal body, after birth suddenly interrupted, forming a similar menstrual bleeding. How many days does baby false menstruation average? Let's talk about it

How many days does baby false menstruation average?

Before the baby is born, it gets its mother's estrogen in the womb. After birth, the source of estrogen from the mother's body is interrupted, the concentration of estrogen in the body will suddenly drop a lot, generally in 3 ~ 5 days can be reduced to a very low level, estrogen on the female baby's reproductive mucosa proliferation, hyperemia support is also interrupted.

The original proliferation, congestion of the endometrium will fall off, the female baby's vagina will exclude a small amount of blood and some bloody secretions, it seems to be "menstruation". This kind of "false menstruation" bleeding is very small, generally after 2 ~ 4 days can disappear, do not need to see a doctor.

For vaginal outflow of blood and secretions, you can use sterile gauze or reluctantly gently wipe, but not local dressing or dressing, this will cause infection. If the baby's vaginal bleeding volume is more, lasting for a long time, it is necessary to consult a doctor in time.

matters needing attention

Parents see the baby has false menstruation, don't worry, usually this situation will disappear after a few days. During this period, parents should take good care measures to keep the baby's vulva healthy. And after the female baby is older, she should get rid of the crotch pants as soon as possible, which can protect the pudenda from external pollution and reduce the child's illness. If Baoma has gynecological inflammation, it should be treated in time to avoid the infection to the baby.