Can massage treat cervical spondylosis

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I have cervical spondylosis. There have been many years, but there have been no other complications. I also pay attention to my body. Recently, I don't know what happened. I always have a headache. I went to the hospital for an examination and said it was because of the nerve headache caused by cervical spondylosis. Today, let me tell you that massage can treat cervical spondylosis.

Can massage treat cervical spondylosis

First: cervical disc herniation, cervical bone hyperplasia may lead to nerve compression, resulting in dizziness, headache, nausea and other conditions. We can use laser needle knife lysis combined with radiofrequency thermocoagulation to do minimally invasive treatment. Frequent bad sitting posture, head down to play mobile phones, play computer, will also lead to chest tightness and other discomfort. Usually pay attention to keep the neck warm, don't always keep your head down, pay attention to reduce the pressure on the neck. Prevent excessive neck pressure from aggravating discomfort.

Second: the clinical treatment of cervical spondylosis dizziness and nausea is mainly non-surgical therapy, such as traditional Chinese medicine. The traditional Chinese medicine fumigation method in traditional Chinese medicine therapy is to expand the blood vessels of the affected part and improve the blood circulation through the heat radiation effect of drugs. After fumigation, the volatile components can be absorbed through the skin, and the local concentration can be maintained at a high level, which can play a role for a long time. It plays a positive role in improving the vascular permeability and blood circulation, accelerating the excretion of metabolites, promoting the absorption of inflammatory pain factors, improving the body's defense and immune ability, and promoting functional recovery.

Third: massage therapy can also alleviate the dizziness and nausea of cervical spondylosis. The principle of massage therapy is as follows: first, it can expand the local blood vessels, increase the circulation of blood and lymph, so as to improve the nutritional status of local tissues, promote metabolism and the absorption of retained body fluid or pathological exudates; The second is to induce the blood of deep tissue to flow to the body surface, or make part of the blood stagnate in the local area, or make the deep tissue congest, so as to reduce the congestion phenomenon in the body or other parts, and promote the dissipation of pathological organisms.

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Cervical spondylosis can often lead to a variety of symptoms, in fact, dizziness and nausea is one of them, this is a very normal phenomenon, patients can use some methods to alleviate, the most fundamental is to solve and treat the problem of cervical spondylosis.