Is prostatitis common symptom?

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What are the general symptoms of prostatitis? People living in metropolis have to face huge burden of life and work pressure, which leads to people's neglect of their own health. Prostatitis, an uninvited guest, is a common disease of adult men, and it is a frequently occurring disease. It occurs in men aged 20 to 40, according to authoritative surveys, The incidence rate of men over 35 is 35% to 40%, which shows the high incidence of prostatitis. However, there are still many symptoms of this disease. Let's talk about it

Is prostatitis common symptom?

Local symptoms: sitting and squatting for a long time will make the urethra and its surrounding discomfort, the most obvious is pain. Therefore, it is not easy for patients to sit for a long time. They should get up and walk properly and relax their body. These symptoms may disappear.

Micturition discomfort: there are many symptoms of prostatitis, the most common is the discomfort when micturition, pain, burning, but also often have the symptoms of frequent urination, urgency, will stimulate the bladder, bladder irritation, the feeling of dysuria in the morning.

Radiation pain: the pain of chronic prostatitis is not only limited to the urethra, but also radiates to its vicinity. According to the severity of the patient's condition, it will expand in different directions, and the following low back pain is the most common.

matters needing attention

In daily life, we must have proper love, not long-term abstinence, but we should not have too frequent sex, not too much masturbation, not often interrupt sexual intercourse, not a lot of alcohol, eating spicy and sour food, not sitting for a long time, and often exercise.