What symptom does Sanyang have

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Hepatitis B has big three yang and small three yang. Although the big three Yang is more serious, the symptoms of hepatitis B are similar. A person with hepatitis B, you can see the symptoms from the surface. There are nausea, vomiting, see greasy food can not eat, often sleepy to sleep, brushing teeth when the gums will bleed, face a little yellow, thin, easy to boring, fingernails above will appear some white dots, note that many people say that there are white dots is good health, in fact, this is one of the symptoms of chronic hepatitis B oh. Then there will be irregular menstruation, breast disease and so on. What are the symptoms of Sanyang.

What symptom does Sanyang have

First: systemic symptoms: the common clinical symptoms are low fever, general fatigue, no strength, and even jaundice type symptoms of skin, urine and sclera yellowing.

Second: liver pain: This is usually the result of the aggravation of hepatitis B. due to a large number of viruses constantly attacking liver cells in the body, if the time is long, it will lead to liver damage, abnormal liver function and liver pain.

Third: liver palm, spider nevus: these symptoms are more serious, this is also due to the aggravation of hepatitis B lead to abnormal bilirubin metabolic activity, thus showing the symptoms of hepatitis B.

matters needing attention

Otherwise, the condition of hepatitis B small three Yang will worsen, may develop towards the direction of cirrhosis. Once the liver function of hepatitis B patients with small three positive repeatedly abnormal situation, it is necessary to carry out antiviral treatment.