Gallstone which cannot eat

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Usually occasionally appear tired of oil, right upper abdominal pain, has not paid attention to, recently this situation is more and more serious, go to the hospital for examination, check out gallstones, the doctor said temporarily can not do surgery, but need to control diet, want to know which gallstones can't eat?

Gallstone which cannot eat

1. Avoid high cholesterol food, such as animal heart, brain, liver, intestine and egg yolk, preserved egg, roe and chocolate. 2. Avoid high-fat food, such as fat, lard, fried food, and try to eat less oily pastry, because too much fat will cause gallbladder contraction and pain. 3. Avoid overeating, because overeating will promote a large number of bile secretion, and the strong contraction of gallbladder will cause gallbladder inflammation, local colic, etc.

Avoid spicy condiments, such as pepper, chili oil, five spice powder, pepper powder, spicy tofu, etc. Avoid smoking, wine, coffee, etc. These irritating foods can make the stomach too acidic, gallbladder contraction and lead to biliary sphincter spasm, bile difficult to discharge and induce biliary colic.

Gallstone patients diet should pay attention to develop good eating habits, a small number of meals, food temperature is appropriate, not too cold and overheating. Pay attention to the hygiene of diet and drinking water, clean the raw fruits and melons, and then rinse them with boiling or cold water to prevent Ascaris eggs and pesticide residues. Develop a good habit of not eating raw water and drinking boiled water. To eat more vitamin food, such as green vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, cabbage, etc., usually should eat more bananas, apples and other fruits. 3. Stir fry vegetables with vegetable oil, and stew, stew and steam are the main dishes.

matters needing attention

Gallstone patients should eat more food that can promote bile secretion and relax bile duct sphincter, and have cholagogic effect, such as hawthorn, black plum, corn whiskers (drink tea slowly). Often eat lean meat, chicken, fish, walnuts, black fungus, kelp, laver and so on. To eat breakfast, do not let the fasting time too long. In addition, we should pay attention to two points: first, we should exercise regularly to prevent constipation,