What reason does the skin around penis itch

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The occurrence of skin pruritus around the penis varies from person to person. Generally speaking, the crotch refers to the side of the penis, but people who know it should be familiar with it. Many men find that their penis is very itchy, and they don't know what's going on. Let's not talk about how to treat it. It is suggested that we learn more about the causes of itching beside the penis, and then treat it according to the specific reasons. The following is the introduction of the causes of itching beside the penis.

What reason does the skin around penis itch

First: for the itching of the crotch on both sides of the penis, we first consider tinea cruris, which is a skin disease that often occurs in the thigh. Sometimes it can also involve the perineum, scrotum, perianal, buttocks, scrotum folds, etc., with severe pruritus. Due to scratching, patients can have secondary dermatitis, lichen change or secondary infection.

Second: tinea cruris mostly occurs in external genitalia, groin, perineum and around anus. The lesions showed as follows: firstly, small papules or blisters appeared at the upper end of the medial thigh and the corresponding part of scrotum, and developed to the surrounding area, forming a semi-circular lesion. The edge of the lesion was clear and raised. After the inflammation subsided, the lesions were reddish brown with scales. It is usually unilateral, but also bilateral symmetrical distribution.

Third: both sides of the penis crotch itching, scrotal eczema is also very likely. Scrotal eczema symptoms are always moist scrotal parts, a little itchy, attack, scrotal skin flush, itching, papules, itching scratch more, can expose smooth red skin, sometimes pants rub to the top, also very painful, but most of the time are itchy, especially at night, uncomfortable. Scrotal eczema serious symptoms of severe scrotal itching, do not want to eat, stool thin, urine yellow, sometimes blister erosion. People will feel feverish, but when measured by body temperature, the body temperature does not increase.

matters needing attention

Now we should understand the penis next to very itchy in the end is what is the matter, has been itching symptoms of men can see what causes, and then symptomatic treatment. However, if you can't determine your cause, you can't take medicine casually. At this time, the best way is to choose a professional andrology hospital for treatment and strive for early recovery.