How did acuteness wet wart bleed to do

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Many patients with condyloma acuminatum feel very painful because of the disease, menstruation sometimes hate a lot of diseases, and the symptoms are very serious, not only affect the patient's sexual organs, but also systemic disease, some patients can't live and study normally, today let me tell you how to do with condyloma acuminatum bleeding.

How did acuteness wet wart bleed to do

Method 1: cryotherapy, using liquid nitrogen at - 196 ℃ to treat condyloma acuminatum, promoting the necrosis and abscission of condyloma acuminatum tissue, is simple, efficient and easy to be tolerated by patients. This method is suitable for condyloma with small number and area. It can be treated once or twice with an interval of one week.

Method 2: laser treatment, usually with CO2 laser, the use of cauterization treatment of condyloma acuminatum, if the number of condyloma acuminatum is not much, then one-time treatment, but if the number of words, generally need 2 to 3 times to completely cure, the treatment interval of about a week.

Method 3: electrocautery treatment, using high-frequency electroacupuncture or electric knife resection of condyloma. This therapy is suitable for condyloma with small number and area.

matters needing attention

The treatment principle of condyloma acuminatum is the premise and basis for good treatment effect of condyloma acuminatum, which mainly includes timely treatment, thorough killing of virus, ensuring low injury in the treatment process, and paying attention to the nursing and health care work of daily life. According to this treatment principle, it is suggested that condyloma acuminatum should be found and treated in time, and its thoroughness should be paid attention to, so as to do a good job in daily life nursing.