How much does treatment oviduct block want probably

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Three years after marriage without pregnancy, check menstruation, endometrium, sex hormones, ovulation monitoring are normal, the doctor suspected that it is caused by tubal obstruction, but through treatment, now the condition also has a certain control, for the treatment of tubal obstruction about how much money, let me tell you.

How much does treatment oviduct block want probably

Influencing factor 1: Inspection and diagnosis fee: before the fallopian tube is dredged, the first thing to do is to check to confirm the condition and the location of the blockage. At present, the methods to check the fallopian tube include B-ultrasound, hydrotubation, radiography and laparoscopy. The cost of different methods will be different.

Influencing factor 2: Dredge operation cost: according to the degree of illness, blockage site selection treatment method will be different. Of course, the cost will vary with the treatment chosen.

Influencing factors three: postoperative rehabilitation costs: General fallopian tube dredge surgery also need to cooperate with appropriate anti-inflammatory and other rehabilitation treatment, in order to completely eliminate the recurrence of the disease, so, the cost of this aspect will be different.

matters needing attention

The incision of laparoscopic operation is only 1cm, so the abdominal dressing can be removed after one week, and the shower can be taken, and then the normal activities can be gradually restored. Patients should pay attention to proper and light activities before 1 week.