Can injection of clarithromycin cause epilepsy

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I often lose consciousness suddenly, my eyes turn up, my pupils dilate, my teeth close, I have incontinence, my face is pale or blue. After a few minutes of general convulsions, I stop naturally, I spit white foam or blood foam at the mouth, and finally my muscles relax, sometimes I am in a coma or sleepy state. I have been to the hospital for examination, but now I am in treatment, and the situation has improved a lot. Is it OK to inject clarithromycin Cause epilepsy? Do you know anything about this? Now let's talk about whether clarithromycin injection can cause epilepsy.

Can injection of clarithromycin cause epilepsy

Etiology 1: the emergence of epilepsy and genetic factors have a certain relationship. If both parents suffer from epilepsy, then the probability of children with epilepsy is 12%. If the father has epilepsy, then the probability of children with epilepsy is about 6%, and the mother is twice as high.

Etiology 2: the emergence of epilepsy and brain injury have a certain relationship, such as fetal delivery process due to mechanical factors lead to brain injury or because of various accidents, leading to patients with brain injury, which will also induce seizures.

Etiology three: epilepsy has certain relationship with the occurrence of craniocerebral diseases, such as intracranial tumors, cerebrovascular diseases, intracranial infections and so on, will increase the risk of epilepsy. Usually, the incidence of epilepsy symptoms in male patients due to brain diseases is more than that of female patients. The incidence rate of rural areas is higher than that of city.

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It mainly refers to avoid the inducing factors of epilepsy and comprehensive treatment for children with epilepsy, in order to control the seizure of epilepsy. Statistical data show that the recurrence rate of patients after the first seizure is 27% - 82%. It seems that most patients will relapse after a single seizure. Therefore, it is particularly important to prevent the recurrence of epileptic symptoms.