What's the reason for the accelerated heartbeat

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Now the living standard is higher and higher, and the incidence of heart disease is also higher and higher, but now there are fewer and fewer people who die of heart disease, because the medical technology is also more and more developed, now as long as the body has a little bit of symptoms, people will go to the hospital immediately, in fact, there will be panic and heart rate acceleration, there are many kinds of heart disease, but generally in the exercise After that, there will be palpitation and tachycardia, but now the main reason for palpitation and tachycardia is generally due to aortic insufficiency. Now let me tell you about my experience.

What's the reason for the accelerated heartbeat

First: in fact, if it is aortic insufficiency, there are no symptoms in general, but if aortic insufficiency aggravates, then the first symptom is that the number of heart beats increases, which will lead to panic and rapid heartbeat.

Second: in fact, if it is only mitral regurgitation, there will be increased heart rate and panic. Because if it is mild mitral regurgitation, there will be no symptoms in the early stage. If it is serious, there will be blood reflux, so that the cardiac output will be reduced.

Third: if the cardiac output is slightly reduced, it is generally panic and heart rate acceleration. If it is severe dyspnea and lung blood stasis, sometimes there will be heart beat elevation, and the left ventricle of the left heart will also be elevated. In fact, if I have aortic stenosis, there will also be increased heart rate and panic.

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In fact, there are many reasons for heart rate increase and panic. In fact, take the most common one as an example. When we run, heart rate increase and panic also occur. But this is normal and abnormal. The most common one is aortic insufficiency.