What causes polycystic ovary

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Polycystic ovary is a very common disease at present, which is usually characterized by anovulation or hyperandrogen and other endocrine disorders, including irregular menstruation or amenorrhea. So for polycystic ovary must be treated in time, cure for polycystic ovary using test tube baby probability, I had before, but later improved, you want to know about this disease, today I'll talk about polycystic ovary what caused.

What causes polycystic ovary

First of all: the function of the ovary is reduced: in addition to excreting hormones, the ovary also has the function of oviposition. Usually every month as long as a mature egg discharge, more ovulation for the left and right ovaries, less than one, the pregnancy rate will be reduced.

Second: Unruptured luteinized syndrome: after the mature development of the egg, it is wrapped by a layer of film. If it can not break out, it will not contact with the sperm, so it will not form a fertilized egg.

Finally: multiple oocytes develop together: in short, there are 1-2 follicles. If they can develop well and ovulate normally, they can be pregnant, but many follicles can't absorb enough nutrients, and they don't develop well, so none of them can ovulate, and they will not be pregnant.

matters needing attention

In addition to develop good habits to avoid staying up late, we should also pay attention to diet, avoid eating high calorie food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid weight gain, then can improve the signs of endocrine disorders.