Symptoms of gastric cysts

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It is not easy to differentiate gastric mucosal lesions from submucosal lesions such as leiomyoma, fibroma, lipoma and leiomyosarcoma. Endoscopic ultrasonography combines the advantages of conventional endoscopy and ultrasound, avoids the interference of gastrointestinal gas, can clearly show the relationship between the cyst and surrounding tissues and the complete inner wall of the cyst cavity, and can accurately distinguish the cystic fluid and solid lesions. Therefore, EUS has a definite diagnostic significance for gastric cysts, and the cyst fluid can be extracted for treatment. If the cyst is progressively enlarged and causes obstruction, compression and bleeding, surgical resection is feasible. The symptom of gastric cyst tells everybody.

Symptoms of gastric cysts

1. Enterogenous gastric cyst: it is caused by overlapping of stomach or ectopic residue of foregut epithelium during embryonic development. Round or long cysts are often formed along the great curvature of the gastric antrum, which can be located under the mucosa, muscular layer or protruding outside the gastric wall. Empty or liquid in the bag, the bag can be connected with the gastric cavity. The cyst wall is covered by differentiated gastric or intestinal epithelium, or undifferentiated primordial epithelium. The disease occurs in all age groups, but most of them are children and young people.

2. Dermoid cyst of stomach: the structure is opposite to dermoid cyst of other parts. Small gastric cysts were asymptomatic; When the cyst is enlarged, it can cause mechanical obstruction and compression symptoms, such as abdominal discomfort, pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and weight loss. The mass can be palpable in the upper abdomen, and black manure can appear when complicated with bleeding, often accompanied by chronic gastritis and gastric acid deficiency.

3. Abdominal X-ray plain film can show mass shadow of upper abdomen; When the cyst communicated with the gastric cavity, barium shadow in the cyst could be seen by gastrointestinal X-ray barium meal examination; Sometimes multiple cysts cause diffuse thickening of the gastric wall, and the filling defect sign of the gastric antrum can be seen, which should be differentiated from gastric cancer.

matters needing attention

For those who suffer from gastric cysts, we must pay attention to their daily diet. We can try to eat some liquid food which is easy to digest and rich in nutrition. It's better not to eat raw, cold, hard and irritating food, so as not to stimulate the gastric mucosa, aggravate the disease and seriously affect the patient's health.