Can ovarian cyst be infertile

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Cousin married for two years, has not been pregnant, her family always dislike her, and finally she went to the hospital for examination, the result is ovarian cyst. It's said that she can recover after taking medicine for a period of time. Now half a year has passed, and she's pregnant. I'm really moved. Let's know if the ovarian cyst will be infertile.

Can ovarian cyst be infertile

First, ovarian cyst is a kind of ovarian tumor in a broad sense, which can be affected at all ages, but the most common is women aged 20-50. Ovarian tumor is a common tumor of female genitalia, which has different nature and morphology, namely: single or mixed type, unilateral or bilateral, cystic or substantive, benign or malignant, among which cystic is more common, and the degree of malignant change is very high. It is difficult to make early diagnosis. 70% of the patients are in advanced stage and seldom get early treatment. The 5-year survival rate is always around 20-30%. It is one of the most serious malignant tumors threatening women's lives.

Second, whether ovarian cysts affect fertility depends on the nature, size and location of the cysts. For example, simple cysts, which are not too large, usually do not affect fertility and do not need treatment. For common liquid cysts, traditional Chinese medicine "cysts Fu Shan Fang tie" can be used. If the cyst is large or bilateral, it may hinder the oviduct to pick up eggs, so it may affect pregnancy. Surgical removal can be considered for this kind of cyst, but it should be noted that postoperative adhesion can also cause infertility. Therefore, the impact on fertility should be weighed before operation, and finally the operation can be decided after a certain period of observation and treatment.

Third: if it is chocolate cyst, it can be treated as chocolate cyst. If necessary, it can be operated under laparoscope or open surgery. The pregnancy rate is between 50% and 70%. In short, ovarian cyst affects fertility, but it is not necessarily infertile. After appropriate treatment, it can improve the chance of pregnancy.

matters needing attention

Do a good job in family planning, try to do less or no abortion and curettage. Keep optimistic and cheerful mood and peace of mind, can enhance the body's immunity. Usually pay attention to keep warm, avoid cold. During menstruation, all strenuous sports and heavy physical labor are prohibited. Pay attention to control their emotions, do not sulk, otherwise it will lead to endocrine disorders. If the endocrine disorders can be adjusted by the way of food therapy. Also, the menstrual period forbids the husband and wife to live.