How much does the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris cost

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Maybe it's because last month's rain drenched my hair and I didn't wash my hair in time. As a result, the top of my head is itchy now. There are many things like scalp. When I see them in the clinic near my home, the doctor says that I have psoriasis. After treatment, I have basically recovered. Now I'd like to share with you the question about how much it costs to treat psoriasis vulgaris.

How much does the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris cost

Treatment 1: Patients with psoriasis should try to avoid scratching, to avoid scratching, scraping off the thick scale skin. Patients should avoid blindly seeking success in medication, and avoid being anxious, especially for those who are newly diagnosed and have not been ill for a long time. You can go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

Method 2: the traditional Chinese medicine treatment method is to adopt homeopathy therapy. First, the imbalance factors in the body of patients are expressed outward, and the body state is balanced by taking advantage of the situation and going out through evil factors. In addition, taking drugs as food therapy prescription, it can help traditional Chinese Medicine to achieve hair permeating function, keep up with nutrition, improve immunity, and enhance self-healing ability.

Treatment 3: psoriasis patients should pay special attention to the legs, feet warm, if the lower limbs warm do well, the whole body will feel warm. Don't wear tight clothes, because tight clothes will hinder the blood cycle. Before going to bed at night, remember to soak your feet. It's easier to fall asleep when your feet are hot.

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Psoriasis patients adhere to running is a lot of benefits, often running sweating to enhance the permeability of the skin, the lesions of harmful substances with sweat out of the body, coupled with the skin's respiratory function, moisture and nutrients can be retained, so the skin can recover. And psoriasis patients running can also improve the benefits of immunity, good health, naturally will not be disturbed by the disease.