How long to suffer from Condyloma Acuminatum

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At present, there are many methods for the treatment of condyloma acuminatum, among which the more common treatment methods are drug therapy, laser, interferon and so on. Different treatment methods will be adopted according to the male's condition, and the specific treatment method needs to be confirmed through detailed examination. So let's share how long to suffer from condyloma acuminatum.

How long to suffer from Condyloma Acuminatum

First of all, condyloma acuminatum incubation period of two weeks to eight months (average three months), individual differences, some found a week will develop, some months or longer. If you are infected with condyloma acuminatum, the growth rate of condyloma acuminatum is very fast. The specific time is related to the patient's own factors. Generally speaking, it takes 1 to 3 months. Condyloma acuminatum general incubation period is more than 3 weeks, an average of about 2.8 months, showing progressive growth, if not treated in time after discovery, the longer the greater the wart experience, it is recommended that after the discovery of similar vegetations such as condyloma acuminatum, it should be timely to the hospital for examination.

Secondly, the infection did not have any symptoms at that time. After the human body was infected with the HPV virus that caused condyloma acuminatum, there was a certain latent time. At this latent stage, there would be no symptoms of condyloma acuminatum in the patients, and it would take a period of time for the real onset.

Finally, condyloma acuminatum from rash to obvious growth speed is also very fast, generally need about 1 month. For example, women's vagina or perianal parts grow faster, which may take less than a month. It is suggested that you go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, cooperate with the doctor's medication, maintain a good attitude, take more rest, and pay attention to the usual diet.

matters needing attention

Patients with condyloma acuminatum should pay attention to diet, yoghurt, garlic, mushrooms have antiviral effect and can stimulate immune function. Yoghurt can enhance the activity of natural killer cells and promote the lethality of human body to virus. So as to help patients with condyloma acuminatum, reduce the possibility of recurrence after treatment.