How much is blood uric acid high to calculate high

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Recently, I am worried because I always feel arthritis, especially the pain in each joint, which is obvious. Then I went to the hospital for a comprehensive examination. The doctor said that according to my test results, I suffered from severe high uric acid, but fortunately the quality has an effect. Next, I'll talk about how high the blood uric acid is.

How much is blood uric acid high to calculate high

First: high uric acid, usually can eat more fruit, high uric acid, no fruit can not eat, can eat bananas, and eat more fruit. Eating more fruits has many benefits for patients with high uric acid. The basic ingredients and a lot of water can reduce uric acid. In addition, it can also provide a lot of vitamins and minerals to promote digestion and regulate metabolic balance.

Second: the kidney is the main organ of human excretion, if the renal function metabolism is abnormal, it will lead to high uric acid, so patients can take some drugs, such as benzbromarone, allopurinol, benzenesulfonic acid and other drugs, which can play a certain role in the enzyme of uric acid metabolism, reduce the production of uric acid, increase the excretion, and reduce the concentration of uric acid.

Third: we can actively control hyperuricemia joint pain disease through the way of drugs, but the specific use of drugs must pass the detailed examination, in order to make a specific choice of medication, so as not to bring additional side effects to the affected area.

matters needing attention

After the discovery of the disease to deal with in a timely manner, usually pay attention to take drugs on time, do not stop the drug without permission, patients pay attention to rest, do not want excessive fatigue, diet should be light, do not eat hot food.