How should acne grow on the back to do

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Acne on the back is also a common phenomenon in our life. The back and face are prone to acne. In fact, acne is closely related to your personal living habits, eating habits, and personal sleep habits. As long as you are well conditioned in your life, this symptom can be improved immediately, so don't worry too much, Now I would like to share my experience with you.

How should acne grow on the back to do

Method 1: to pay attention to the cleaning of the skin, your back is easy to grow acne, in general, the cuticle is thicker, no timely cleaning, it will grow acne. So to keep the skin clean, every day when taking a bath to pay special attention to the back clean, clean thoroughly.

Method 2: then, also pay attention to diet, back long acne, most of the body is also a little bit on fire, liver fire exuberant, so in this stage of long acne diet to light based, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat some easy to digest food, like those barbecue and other food is best not to eat.

Method 3: finally, we should also pay attention to rest. We should have a good rest every day, and don't stay up late. Staying up late is more nerve wracking, and it is easy to lead to endocrine imbalance of the body, leading to body fire. Generally, people who like acne are in the stage of young adults. The main reason is that people at this age like to stay up late.

matters needing attention

Also have to pay attention to is, whenever you touch your back potholes, do not use your hands to pick, hands too many bacteria, always touch with your hands, acne will grow more.