How does 28 years old get diabetic to return a responsibility?

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Diabetes used to be known as "the disease of wealth". It seems that it is only the rich who are associated with this disease. However, in fact, more and more people are suffering from this disease now, many of them are from poor families. The theory of "the disease of wealth" seems untenable. So what's wrong with diabetes at 28? Let's summarize.

How does 28 years old get diabetic to return a responsibility?

Some of the family members have diabetes. Because diabetes is an endocrine disease, related to genes, there are certain genetic factors, and family members have similar eating habits. If one of the blood relatives has this disease, the probability of the same disease will be higher.

People who have a strong taste and like to eat meat. Excessive intake of animal saturated fatty acids will increase the burden of the body, lead to metabolic disorders, and further induce diabetes.

Patients in peacetime can increase some physical activity, which can reduce or prevent the occurrence of obesity, increase insulin sensitivity, so that blood glucose can be used, so that there will be no diabetes. On the contrary, if physical activity is reduced, leading to obesity, it will reduce the stimulation of tissue cells to insulin. If the utilization of blood glucose is blocked, it may lead to diabetes.

matters needing attention

There are many times more people with diabetes in China than in the past few decades. It's definitely not a genetic change, but a change in lifestyle and eating habits. Develop good living habits, moderate diet, is the way to health, but also the best way to prevent diabetes.