Does chronic cervicitis need treatment

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My wife's first aunt did leucorrhea culture, found mycoplasma infection, sticky texture, and a large number of white blood cells, personal found abnormal leucorrhea for more than half a year, recently in the hospital inspection said that cervicitis is serious, the day the doctor to prescribe medicine, now taking medicine conditioning, let's share the following chronic cervicitis need treatment.

Does chronic cervicitis need treatment

Symptom 1: the main symptom of chronic cervicitis is increased leucorrhea, leucorrhea viscous or purulent, or bloody.

Symptom 2: because of the stimulation of leucorrhea and cause vulvar pruritus, serious can appear low back pain and abdominal distension feeling, menstrual period or after sexual intercourse aggravation; also can appear when defecation anal pain, frequent urination, dysuria, etc.

Symptom 3: the local manifestations of the cervix have many forms, such as cervical erosion, cervical hypertrophy, cervical adenocystitis, cervical polyps, cervicitis, cervical ectropion and so on.

matters needing attention

The prevention of cervicitis is to pay attention to the hygiene of sexual life, control sexual life properly, and resolutely put an end to extramarital sex and avoid menstrual intercourse.