What kind of symptom does premature ejaculation have

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Premature ejaculation as a common symptom, premature ejaculation is now more common ejaculation dysfunction phenomenon. I believe we are not unfamiliar with, in the weekdays must make love to their own body more care and maintenance, usually when men lose the ability to control ejaculation during sexual intercourse, so judge as premature ejaculation of this symptom. In fact, many factors will lead to premature ejaculation. For example, people who have sex for the first time will have premature ejaculation due to their own psychological factors. This is actually a normal phenomenon. Do it a few more times and you'll get better. There is also some people's physical condition is not good, the physique is weaker people usually appear premature ejaculation situation is more common. Premature ejaculation has what kind of symptom to tell everybody.

What kind of symptom does premature ejaculation have

First: the symptom of premature ejaculation is usually defined as the rapid ejaculation in sexual life, and the inability to control one's ejaculation ability is its main symptom. Psychological factors and local factors of penis are generally considered. You can also consider some life factors, such as endocrine disorders or neurological problems.

Second: the famous teacher suggests that we should pay more attention to the diet, control our weight well, and don't let ourselves be overweight. For patients who have the habit of smoking and drinking, we should control the amount well, not too much. It is suggested to eat more black food to secrete pinealein and eat a banana every day. The effect is also very good.

Third: too frequent masturbation will also appear premature ejaculation symptoms, so in peacetime really can not stand it, it is recommended not to be too frequent, about 3 to 4 times a week is also good. If you eat too many vegetables frequently, the harm is very much will affect the normal sex life, may also appear impotence phenomenon.

matters needing attention

It is suggested that patients should strengthen exercise at ordinary times. It is also said that the system is also a reason, so they should go out to practice more and strengthen their physique. The best time for exercise is to find time at five or six or four o'clock in the evening. The air quality is the best, which can be said to be beneficial and harmless.