Early symptoms of colon cancer

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Intestinal discomfort, at the beginning, many people do not care, after a long time, the symptoms will be obvious, some time ago, uncle appeared the phenomenon of pulling blood, went to the hospital to do a colonoscopy, was found to be colon cancer, talk with you about the early symptoms of colon cancer!

Early symptoms of colon cancer

Patients with colorectal cancer often feel the best time to delay the onset of bowel bleeding, but this is usually the earliest symptom of colorectal cancer.

Symptom 2: in addition to bloody stool, patients with colon cancer disease, stool will begin to become significantly thinner, and the number of patients with defecation will increase. Diarrhea and constipation can also occur alternately; left colon cancer is more difficult to defecate, and with the development of the disease continues to aggravate.

Symptom 3: because of the onset of colorectal cancer, the patient's digestive tract is also involved, resulting in obvious abdominal pain, discomfort or dull pain. It can be intermittent at the beginning, and then it becomes persistent. It is often located in the right lower abdomen or chronic obstructive symptoms, such as abdominal distension, paroxysmal abdominal pain, high bowel sounds, constipation, fecal blood and mucus.

matters needing attention

It is suggested that once the patient's body is not in good time for a long time, he should go to the regular medical institutions for treatment as soon as possible. During the treatment period, he should pay attention to the balanced diet and nutrition. He can eat lighter. The patient must drink more boiled water, which can effectively help the body detoxify.