Symptoms of gastrocnemius intramuscular abscess

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The manifestations of gastrocnemius tenderness are very complex. There are many factors that can cause the symptoms of gastrocnemius tenderness. Patients with this kind of symptoms often have fever, sometimes jaundice, nephritis, meningitis, sometimes hematemesis and other symptoms. Therefore, early diagnosis is relatively difficult, and it is easy to misdiagnose and miss diagnosis, It must be combined with epidemiological characteristics, early clinical characteristics, and laboratory tests to conduct a comprehensive analysis, in order to differentiate from other diseases.

Symptoms of gastrocnemius intramuscular abscess

Myalgia should be differentiated from acute rheumatic fever. Bleeding or hemoptysis can be differentiated from upper gastrointestinal bleeding, hematuria, leukemia, thrombocytopenia and aplastic anemia. Leptospirosis meningoencephalitis and epidemic encephalitis B are both prevalent in summer and autumn. There is no history of contact with epidemic water, nor systemic pain, tenderness of gastrocnemius, conjunctival congestion and lymphadenopathy.

Nephritis, with kidney damage and no jaundice leptospirosis patients, this needs to be differentiated from nephritis, in general, leptospirosis has acute infectious fever process, and there is membrane congestion, myalgia is obvious, but in general, blood pressure is normal, and there is no swelling phenomenon.

Fever, this symptom is different from other acute febrile diseases, typhoid, influenza, Shanggan, acute schistosomiasis, pneumonia, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, sepsis, etc., epidemiological history, proteinuria and the emergence of azotemia, which provide important clues for the differentiation and diagnosis.

matters needing attention

Gastrocnemius tenderness symptoms are very complex, so when such symptoms appear, should be timely to the regular hospital for treatment, according to the doctor's treatment plan to do, through differential diagnosis, and then do reasonable treatment, so that patients can get effective treatment.