How can acne be cured

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Recently, because I want to take the college entrance examination, I am busy reviewing my homework every night, and I have no time to do the mask. I found many acne on my face the other day. That is what we say acne. It has been like this. It has not improved for a long time. After a period of treatment, it will disappear. But after a period of time, it will relapse. I wonder if there is any way. Can treat acne, so that it will not relapse again, friends said that I feel acne on my face is very ugly, very upset. Now let's learn about it.

How can acne be cured

First: if you have acne on your face, it is generally caused by endocrine disorders. It is suggested to quit smoking and drinking at ordinary times, develop good living habits, go to bed early and get up early, and adjust your endocrine. In this way, the chance of acne on your face will not be great, and you can't eat stimulating food, which is easy to cause acne.

Second: if you have acne on your face, it's better not to use cosmetics or skin care products. Many friends will use facial cleanser to clean your face because of acne. If the cosmetics contain hormone drugs, it can help you treat acne, but it will show signs of recurrence as soon as you stop using it.

Third: if you have acne on your face, it's better to eat less fat and more sugar. This kind of food will cause acne, and you can't put too much pressure on yourself at ordinary times. If you have too much pressure, it's easy to cause endocrine disorders, which will cause acne. It's generally recommended to wash your face with sulfur soap.

matters needing attention

Acne patients usually must pay attention not to eat spicy food, and can not squeeze out the acne with their hands, many people will squeeze out the acne with their hands, often such words are easy to leave scars on the face.