How does hand have barb to return a responsibility

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My hands are very white, but I always like to have "barbs". It's ugly and sometimes it hurts! But also affect my mood, see it I want to scratch, want to bite it. Alas, the more I scratched, the more painful I was. Finally, I was infected. On the contrary, he had to go to the hospital. Now I'll tell you what it's like to have a barbed hand.

How does hand have barb to return a responsibility

First of all: some people like to use their fingers to tear off the barb, which is not feasible, because forcibly tearing off the barb will tear off other healthy epidermis, at the same time, it will lead to local skin bleeding, causing tearing pain of the wound, and in severe cases, it will make the wound inflamed, causing swelling and pain of the fingers.

Second: most of the barbs are caused by dry skin or lack of vitamins. Therefore, we should eat more vitamin rich foods such as fruits and vegetables in our daily diet, drink more water in autumn and winter in dry season, replenish body water, and stick to applying hand cream to prevent finger sprain.

Last but not least, don't use your hand to peel off the barb, and don't bite off the barb with your teeth. The correct way is to cut off the barb with a nail clipper, then wash your hands with soap, and finally use hand cream to evenly smear your hands.

matters needing attention

Good physical fitness can not be underestimated to the therapeutic effect, so on the one hand, patients should work hard in diet, eat more nutritious and easy to digest food, vegetables and fruits, considering the eating difficulties of patients, they must be soft and light, on the other hand, they should take appropriate physical exercise.