What are the causes and clinical symptoms of synovitis?

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Nowadays, synovitis has become a common disease, we should pay more attention to it. It is suggested to understand the symptoms of synovitis, so that we can find and treat it early and avoid missing the best treatment opportunity. What are the causes and clinical symptoms of synovitis?

What are the causes and clinical symptoms of synovitis?

Chronic strain and other long-term weight-bearing: when the knee joint appears indirect sprain, surgical injury or joint degeneration, resulting in synovial injury, resulting in synovial congestion, swelling and other phenomena. Through X-ray examination, there was no abnormality of synovitis bone, or degenerative changes, intra-articular free body and other symptoms, indicating that he had knee synovitis.

Chronic strain or injury synovitis of the knee: clinically, if the acute synovitis of the knee is not handled properly, it will lead to the occurrence of chronic synovitis. Clinically, this phenomenon is more common in the elderly. Patients often feel that their legs are heavy and uncomfortable, and it is difficult to stretch and bend the knee, but the pain is not severe, and there is no local red heat phenomenon. Generally, their functional examination has no obvious positive signs.

After having synovitis, it can be divided into first-degree symptoms, second-degree symptoms and severe symptoms. If it is a first-time symptom, it is mild synovitis. This kind of synovitis will be mainly manifested as joint pain. Although there can be joint swelling, the swelling is almost invisible, or there is slight joint swelling. When the patient walks, the joints will not creak. When the patient goes up and down the stairs, the joint pain is relatively uncomfortable. If the patient walks for a long time, he will have the feeling of joint fever.

matters needing attention

Prevention of overwork: most patients with acute synovitis are caused by overwork. In order to prevent the occurrence of synovitis, it is important to pay attention to the combination of work and rest. After working for a period of time, we should have a proper rest. Weight control: obesity is becoming more and more serious in life. Overweight will increase the burden of joints, accelerate the wear of joints, and even lead to synovitis in severe patients. Therefore, in order to prevent synovitis, it is necessary to control their weight. Pay attention to proper posture: there are many postures, including standing posture, sitting posture, sleeping posture, etc.