Is bladder cancer hematuria all the time

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Bladder cancer is a kind of terrible malignant tumor. My uncle is bladder cancer. He often has blood in his urine in his life. After checking in the hospital, he knows it's bladder cancer. Do you want to know if bladder cancer has blood in his urine all the time?

Is bladder cancer hematuria all the time

First of all: about 90% of the patients with bladder cancer have hematuria as the initial clinical manifestation, which is usually painless, intermittent, gross hematuria, sometimes microscopic hematuria.

Secondly, bladder cancer is almost senseless in the early stage, only hematuria can be observed by naked eyes. This symptom is the "red alarm" of bladder cancer, which almost every bladder cancer patient has.

Finally: frequent and urgent urination may be the precursor of bladder cancer. Although bladder cancer is terrible, it is not incurable. The most important thing is to treat it in time and cooperate with doctors actively. If the early symptoms of bladder cancer are found, it should be treated in time.

matters needing attention

Patients with bladder cancer should be treated in a regular tumor hospital as soon as possible. If the tumor infiltrates into the ureteral orifice or grows in the ureteral orifice, it can cause the late symptoms of bladder cancer with ureteral dilatation, and then form hydronephrosis and renal volume increase. When bladder cancer has lung, liver and bone metastasis, corresponding symptoms appear.