What reason does lumbago bone ring

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Due to the pressure of people's life, coupled with the fatigue of work, more and more people are facing the problem of low back pain. The causes of low back pain are various, so what are the specific causes of low back pain? Now I would like to introduce several common causes of low back pain.

What reason does lumbago bone ring

First: kidney deficiency caused by low back pain, traditional Chinese medicine believes that the waist is the house of the kidney, kidney main bone, marrow, if the kidney appears the loss of essence will cause low back pain, performance for the waist and knee soreness, long time walking or sedentary pain will aggravate, bed rest can alleviate.

Second: lumbar disc herniation is also a common cause of low back pain. Because patients with lumbar disc herniation are generally sedentary for a long time, the spine is in a compressed state, and the back muscles are always tight. After a long time, it will form lumbar muscle strain, stimulate nerve endings, and then the waist will be painful.

Third: some gynecological diseases can also cause low back pain, abnormal uterine position can cause traction low back pain, uterine prolapse, prolapse, etc., can pull ligament, causing low back pain.

matters needing attention

Although lumbago is not an incurable disease, it can seriously affect people's normal work and study, and bring a lot of inconvenience to themselves and their families. Therefore, I hope you can understand the causes of lumbago through my introduction and pay close attention to the treatment